Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why Now?

Honestly why not 2 years ago?? I pull apart and put together my home more than does or anyone should. Along with others homes also...... now that's trust!! I have a passion for parties and have this obsession to make things out of items they are not. Do you know what I mean?!?!? When I stop by and do my weekly D.I. browsing, I always seem to see a lamp and I don't see the lamp I see the serving player I can make it into. It's crazy!!

This blog will be a modge podge of crafts, decor, products, how-to, fashion, hair, health and anything else we encounter in our normal daily lives!! In my world, I don't craft everyday, so hopefully this is more of a everyday blog for everyone.  Bare with my commentary, as it will hopefully get better and better. along with guest posts, so you don't have to hear me all the time!! Haha

I also have this incredibly cheap side to myself!! I am a loyal Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan, an Michael's coupons recipient and use them!! Why pay full price when I don't have too?? I can usually find a sale or coupon or I can talk myself out of it, YIKES!!! Well you'll see what I mean!!

My mom has always wanted me to document my parties, projects, finds and decor that I have done over the years but I have never taken the time to stop, document and share!! She was right though, cause I always ended up going back and trying to remember or explain how I did things. I think mothers do know best, it would have saved me a ton of time! But the push over the edge to start it was on our fourth, ok maybe fifth redo of our home decor, my cute hubs had enough!! I think his exact words were "document all this now instead of trying to pull it apart later" So Smart!! Ha ha!! So from now on I will share with you the details, cost, and how-to. That's is where the name Sugar Lemons comes from.....When stuck doing a project gone array or when you can't find that one product at a decent price, my goal is to sweeten those moments!!
Lemons are not always bad when you add sugar!! Hopefully this will inspire you in some way!!

Appreciate all the love and support!! Let's do this!!

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