Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Decor Halloween Style

For the past 12 months, I have been warning my hub's that I am decorating this year for Halloween and of course I still get the why are you doing this question upon "Hurricane Halloween" taking over our house!!!

If you all remember I had a number of fabulous items I used for the Hocus Pocus 60th Birthday, so why not recreate for the home. Here is how it turned out, enjoy!!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Decor on a Dime

With wonderful inspiration places like Pottery Barn, Z Gallery, Antropologie and such, its awesome to come accross other retailers that are bringing the affordable items up to style.
This fun, industrial and ultra chic table is from Walmart!!! Can you believe it??

And it's only $179.00. It is sold as a TV console but Better Homes and Gardens line also has side tables and coffe tables. This is a total steal and will probably last as long as this style is in, so its perfect!! Some of my strongest and longest lasting pieces were bought from WalMart when I was in college. 10 years ago and going strong!!!

The coffe table is only $105 and you can buy the entire living room set for $339! So glad WalMart is stepping it up!!

AWESOME DEAL and a great, affordable way to add the industrial trend to your office, hallway, or living room!! Happy shopping!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LIMELIGHT: Feather Boa Wreath from Classy Clutter

Since finishing my Ribbon Halloween Wreath, I have been interested to see what other wreath creations are out there. The talented ladies at Classy Clutter, always have something fun brewing.................... and this season is no different.

I love this entry way and how simple the how-to instructions were. Be sure to check out her vinyl wording (which she sells!!!) I am dying over this and will for sure be getting for when I have "little monsters" running around!!

Feather Boa Halloween Wreath

Be sure to check out their projects along with other projects featured on their Spotlight Saturdays!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

LIMELIGHT: My Crafty Mom

I recieved these pictures from my Mom of a Halloween craft that she found on Pinterest a while back and it is so cute!!! Last week when she sent me her final product....WOW it looks amazing!! I knew I had to share it with everyone!! It was simple and cute and makes a huge statement. So all of you who think your not crafty here is a good one to try.
To start here here is her inspiration photos Ashbee Design

Drumroll Please............................TaDa...................AMAZING!!!

  1. Glass bottles form Hobby Lobby. USED: $4.99 (used coupon to get 40% off)
  2. White, Yellow and Orange Spray Paint USED: $5.99 (can use coupon to get 40% off)
Directions found from the The Swell Life via Ashbee Design

  1. Start with the white, it give the yellow and orange a base to cling to
  2. Do LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT coats, we had a dripping issue in the beginning
  3. If starts to drip, turn upside down and drip into open mouth
  4. Remember you can always scrub the color off the glass and start over

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh the Planning........BABY CITY

In our home, lately, we have been planning A TON!!! With my work and Landon's schooling, we have been trying to figure out when to have our first round of IVF. We have the "LUXURY" of being able to plan when we start a family!! That is our positive take on this and we are sticking to it!!
In my quest to be as extremely organized as possible with costs and expectations, I came across a great website www.babycenter.com 

More importantly I came across their First-Year Baby Costs Calculator

Can you say a planners best friend?? I loved it!! It had costs on there I had never even thought of and you click on preference for that area, it populates an estimated amount and it spits out a estimate!!! And great thing is their estimates are based of  a survey of over 1,000 new moms!!

It had two areas: One-Time Costs & Ongoing so it helps you with items your going to only purchase once like a stroller or crib and then with the month-to-month items like diapers and clothing.

So if you are having, thinking about having, or just plain curious.........
I suggest you check this out!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

LIMELIGHT: Hocus Pocus 60th Party

So to start off this awesome Halloween season, I am going to share with you a party I did last year! This party really opened my eyes to all you can do with this fun holiday.....at first it started off as a regular 60th birthday party. So at first we began with just a basic theme of sixty but then somehow in the crazy mess of emails back-and-forth the client wanted it to be Halloween, at first dread set in, I was at a loss, here I am used to doing baby showers and weddings..…..not Halloween parties……………BUT WHAT THE CLIENT WANTS THE CLIENT GETS!!! So a massive Google search set in in the form of “Halloween table scapes” and the go-to girls at Hostess with the Mostess provided me with my inspiration!!!

 You can see the entire post here: REAL PARTIES: “Hocus Focus” Halloween

I am a big believer in making your food work for you as d├ęcor also. Why spend twice as much when a few tweaks could do the trick. There was so much to creating this table, that I truly am obsessed and in love with every aspect. I loved the idea of having a potion table with ingredients to follow and made the entire idea flow. Here is the final product…………12 feet of pure spooky times to create a witches brew worthy of the guest of honor!! Prepare for Photo overload!!!

Ribbon Halloween Wreath

Pinterest has sucked me in and my Holiday Haze board is full of wreath ideas. But this one I credit to my mom, she pushed me to "just do it" cause I can always talk myself out of project and end up not doing it. I opted for traditional Halloween Black and Orange, and finishing this really put me in the spirit of the season!! Here is the final product...................

And here is my inspiration...................


  1. Wreath of your choice, MINE: 24" Natural Grapevine Oval Wreath $5.99 at Hobby Lobby ($3.60 with coupon)
  2. 3 Wooden Stars, MINE: $.99 at Hobby Lobby
  3. Zebra Scrapbook Paper - 1 Sheet, MINE: $.49  at Hobby Lobby
  4. 4 Large Rolls of Printed Ribbon (Your Choice in Style, Can Be Wired Or Not. I had 3 not wired, one wired) MINE: Between $3.99-$5.99 at Hobby Lobby (used a coupon to make it 40% off each roll)
  5. Misc Black Cuts of Ribbon to Off-Set the array MINE: Left overs from other Projects but all were found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's
  6. Black Bulbs MINE: $9.99 at Hobby Lobby (used a 40% off coupon to make it $5.99 for 4 bulbs)
  7. White Paint MINE: $.99 at Hobby Lobby
  8. 2 Rolls of Thin Stripped Black and Orange Ribbon MINE: Left overs from other Projects
  9. Mod Podge MINE: Left overs from other Projects
  10. Hot Glue MINE: Always on hand, you can find at any craft store


  • Paint the White Dots on the Bulbs in the pattern and size of your desire
  • Paint the edges of the yellow stars
  • Glue Zebra paper to stars, cut around edges
  • Mod Podge the top of the zebra paper lightly, let dry
  • Then position bulbs where you want them and hot glue to the wreath with top into the wreath
  • Begin looping ribbon by tying one ribbon around the entire wreath in upper right corner and knot with edges out, this is the only time you will go completely around the wreath, its just for a starting point, it will take far too much ribbon to do this for the entire wreath
  • Then begin gluing edges of ribbon loop up in desired position and only glue edges to make loop, again to save ribbon on making bows.
  • Tie knotted pieces of ribbon with straight edges showing and hot glue knot to wreath
**This process will be repeated to your desire of design and edges as you want mine became an alternating of the ribbons and cuts to enhance the size of he wreath.

  • Position the stars on the wreath how you feel they are best complementing your ribbon and bulb creation
  • Glue stars to the wreath
  • Then choose the ribbon designs you want to add at tops of stars and you can either tie around the entire wreath, through the wreath or in knots as you did previously **I chose to do the same checkers black and white ribbon and alternate my orange designs, its all about preference.
  • Check the wreath standing up, that way you can see where all the ribbons fall and make sure that is where you would like them
  • Check the sturdiness for the stars to make sure they will not come off as they are the hardest to secure to the twigs


  1. It looked much easier on the Pinterest Inspiration Photo than it was
  2. Don't worry about the glue, it doesn't show
  3. Perfection is over rated
  4. Do in sessions, If you do not have hours to complete the wreath, divide it up into the above steps to keep the project organized
  5. It is a sturdy piece that will end up lasting a long time
  6. Choose colors to your liking, so that you are in love with it

For more awesome ideas check out my Holiday Haze Pinterest Board

Why Now?

Honestly why not 2 years ago?? I pull apart and put together my home more than does or anyone should. Along with others homes also...... now that's trust!! I have a passion for parties and have this obsession to make things out of items they are not. Do you know what I mean?!?!? When I stop by and do my weekly D.I. browsing, I always seem to see a lamp and I don't see the lamp I see the serving player I can make it into. It's crazy!!

This blog will be a modge podge of crafts, decor, products, how-to, fashion, hair, health and anything else we encounter in our normal daily lives!! In my world, I don't craft everyday, so hopefully this is more of a everyday blog for everyone.  Bare with my commentary, as it will hopefully get better and better. along with guest posts, so you don't have to hear me all the time!! Haha

I also have this incredibly cheap side to myself!! I am a loyal Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan, an Michael's coupons recipient and use them!! Why pay full price when I don't have too?? I can usually find a sale or coupon or I can talk myself out of it, YIKES!!! Well you'll see what I mean!!

My mom has always wanted me to document my parties, projects, finds and decor that I have done over the years but I have never taken the time to stop, document and share!! She was right though, cause I always ended up going back and trying to remember or explain how I did things. I think mothers do know best, it would have saved me a ton of time! But the push over the edge to start it was on our fourth, ok maybe fifth redo of our home decor, my cute hubs had enough!! I think his exact words were "document all this now instead of trying to pull it apart later" So Smart!! Ha ha!! So from now on I will share with you the details, cost, and how-to. That's is where the name Sugar Lemons comes from.....When stuck doing a project gone array or when you can't find that one product at a decent price, my goal is to sweeten those moments!!
Lemons are not always bad when you add sugar!! Hopefully this will inspire you in some way!!

Appreciate all the love and support!! Let's do this!!

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