Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh the Planning........BABY CITY

In our home, lately, we have been planning A TON!!! With my work and Landon's schooling, we have been trying to figure out when to have our first round of IVF. We have the "LUXURY" of being able to plan when we start a family!! That is our positive take on this and we are sticking to it!!
In my quest to be as extremely organized as possible with costs and expectations, I came across a great website www.babycenter.com 

More importantly I came across their First-Year Baby Costs Calculator

Can you say a planners best friend?? I loved it!! It had costs on there I had never even thought of and you click on preference for that area, it populates an estimated amount and it spits out a estimate!!! And great thing is their estimates are based of  a survey of over 1,000 new moms!!

It had two areas: One-Time Costs & Ongoing so it helps you with items your going to only purchase once like a stroller or crib and then with the month-to-month items like diapers and clothing.

So if you are having, thinking about having, or just plain curious.........
I suggest you check this out!!!

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