Thursday, October 11, 2012

LIMELIGHT: Hocus Pocus 60th Party

So to start off this awesome Halloween season, I am going to share with you a party I did last year! This party really opened my eyes to all you can do with this fun first it started off as a regular 60th birthday party. So at first we began with just a basic theme of sixty but then somehow in the crazy mess of emails back-and-forth the client wanted it to be Halloween, at first dread set in, I was at a loss, here I am used to doing baby showers and weddings..…..not Halloween parties……………BUT WHAT THE CLIENT WANTS THE CLIENT GETS!!! So a massive Google search set in in the form of “Halloween table scapes” and the go-to girls at Hostess with the Mostess provided me with my inspiration!!!

 You can see the entire post here: REAL PARTIES: “Hocus Focus” Halloween

I am a big believer in making your food work for you as d├ęcor also. Why spend twice as much when a few tweaks could do the trick. There was so much to creating this table, that I truly am obsessed and in love with every aspect. I loved the idea of having a potion table with ingredients to follow and made the entire idea flow. Here is the final product…………12 feet of pure spooky times to create a witches brew worthy of the guest of honor!! Prepare for Photo overload!!!

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