Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ribbon Halloween Wreath

Pinterest has sucked me in and my Holiday Haze board is full of wreath ideas. But this one I credit to my mom, she pushed me to "just do it" cause I can always talk myself out of project and end up not doing it. I opted for traditional Halloween Black and Orange, and finishing this really put me in the spirit of the season!! Here is the final product...................

And here is my inspiration...................


  1. Wreath of your choice, MINE: 24" Natural Grapevine Oval Wreath $5.99 at Hobby Lobby ($3.60 with coupon)
  2. 3 Wooden Stars, MINE: $.99 at Hobby Lobby
  3. Zebra Scrapbook Paper - 1 Sheet, MINE: $.49  at Hobby Lobby
  4. 4 Large Rolls of Printed Ribbon (Your Choice in Style, Can Be Wired Or Not. I had 3 not wired, one wired) MINE: Between $3.99-$5.99 at Hobby Lobby (used a coupon to make it 40% off each roll)
  5. Misc Black Cuts of Ribbon to Off-Set the array MINE: Left overs from other Projects but all were found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's
  6. Black Bulbs MINE: $9.99 at Hobby Lobby (used a 40% off coupon to make it $5.99 for 4 bulbs)
  7. White Paint MINE: $.99 at Hobby Lobby
  8. 2 Rolls of Thin Stripped Black and Orange Ribbon MINE: Left overs from other Projects
  9. Mod Podge MINE: Left overs from other Projects
  10. Hot Glue MINE: Always on hand, you can find at any craft store


  • Paint the White Dots on the Bulbs in the pattern and size of your desire
  • Paint the edges of the yellow stars
  • Glue Zebra paper to stars, cut around edges
  • Mod Podge the top of the zebra paper lightly, let dry
  • Then position bulbs where you want them and hot glue to the wreath with top into the wreath
  • Begin looping ribbon by tying one ribbon around the entire wreath in upper right corner and knot with edges out, this is the only time you will go completely around the wreath, its just for a starting point, it will take far too much ribbon to do this for the entire wreath
  • Then begin gluing edges of ribbon loop up in desired position and only glue edges to make loop, again to save ribbon on making bows.
  • Tie knotted pieces of ribbon with straight edges showing and hot glue knot to wreath
**This process will be repeated to your desire of design and edges as you want mine became an alternating of the ribbons and cuts to enhance the size of he wreath.

  • Position the stars on the wreath how you feel they are best complementing your ribbon and bulb creation
  • Glue stars to the wreath
  • Then choose the ribbon designs you want to add at tops of stars and you can either tie around the entire wreath, through the wreath or in knots as you did previously **I chose to do the same checkers black and white ribbon and alternate my orange designs, its all about preference.
  • Check the wreath standing up, that way you can see where all the ribbons fall and make sure that is where you would like them
  • Check the sturdiness for the stars to make sure they will not come off as they are the hardest to secure to the twigs


  1. It looked much easier on the Pinterest Inspiration Photo than it was
  2. Don't worry about the glue, it doesn't show
  3. Perfection is over rated
  4. Do in sessions, If you do not have hours to complete the wreath, divide it up into the above steps to keep the project organized
  5. It is a sturdy piece that will end up lasting a long time
  6. Choose colors to your liking, so that you are in love with it

For more awesome ideas check out my Holiday Haze Pinterest Board

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