Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Target Decor: Farrah Fretwork Window Panel

So in the search to slightly re-do the living room, curtains are always the hardest for me, only second to pillows! After trying the do-it-yourself approach along with the expensive, I was finding that the colors were not true. Like the navy was faded, the cream was more tan, it was a nightmare!!

These I had seen in Target and checked for every time I was shopping but they were always sold out. I really didn't want to order online for fear of what I had already seen with the colors.
But then on a whim, I went in and THEY HAD THEM!!! I quickly scooped up two 54x95 Target Home™ Farrah Fretwork Window Panels and wow!!! I was so pleasantly surprised!! Perfect color, true to even the color I had seen online. They are still up in my house and I am loving them!! The pattern adds a ton to the design without overwhelming it! The fabric is 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester, so it is strong and easy to care for.

They also have them in orange, black and tan which are also gorgeous!!

 I like them so much, I am thinking about getting 2 for back up or in case we move to a house with an additional window!! What can I say, when you find a good thing, stock up!! Enjoy :)

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