Thursday, November 8, 2012

LIMELIGHT: Trip Advisor

So I always get the question "What is there to do in NYC?" Having lived there for quite a few years for my career, I always reply what the locals do and what the tourist do are polar opposites. Yes did we take in the occasional Broadway play or the park for ice skating? Yes, but when you live in a place, you not rushing around to catch all the highlights. Make sense??

I can help you navigate the subway, tell you some items that are fun, activities that are worth the cost of them but I tried to branch out and see if I could start guiding people to a better resource for planning thier fun................ta da TRIPADVISOR.COM!!! I was surprised that there were tons of items to do, some including the local attractions, that would be perfect for a tourist! It not only breaks it down by interest, but by most popular and cost so you can plan a budget before you go!!

The best part of the site was the THINGS TO DO area! It had over 600 items to do and broke them down by food, activities, shopping nd nightlife! So if you planning on a trip to the wonderful island of Manhattan be sure to check it out!


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